“The Rolling Barrel” 

 “Special thanks should also go to SCW and the well stocked bar. They sourced everything we asked for which was especially great for the real ale lovers!”


We offer the The Rolling Barrel to our wedding parties and events free of charge  , we believe it is a wonderfully individual concept. We know the importance of having a top quality bar at our events, and we are keen to minimise the amount of valuable space taken up in the marquees or Katas.

As you can see from our pictures on the venue page “The Rolling Barrel” rolls perfectly into the side of the marquee and Katas. When we open the bar doors the guests are amazed to find a real life fully functioing bar. Our lovely staff serve quality reasonably priced drinks for you and your guests . As well as being able to cater for welcome drinks receptions , and wine and champagne orders . We are able to cater for special requests and source Real Ale and speciality local brews , we serve a selection of hand pulled beers, along with many draft products as well as the usual spirits and bottled beverages……… perfect , what more could you ask for ……. Cheers :)

Stop Press  : Look out for our specialist Whisky / Gin Bar : The Grain Silo , serving only the best single malt Whisky and the best gins for those connoisseurs among your family and friends.