Lucky Chimney Sweep

We are really lucky to have Katie Sweep here at SCW. There are many myths and traditions associated with chimney sweeps being the bearers of Good Luck and Prosperity for Brides and Grooms , some of which are now lost in the mists of time. One reason from the established folklore is that when on one occasion King George II ‘s carriage and horses bolted, during a procession, the only person from the lining crowds to spring out and attempt to stop them and in doing so, saved the King was a small sooty figure of a chimney sweep. The King decreed that Chimney Sweeps were from that day forth, extremely lucky and to be held in high respect.
If you see the sweeps brush emerging out of the top of the chimney, you must make a wish. It is also considered extremely good luck to see a Sweep at your wedding it is supposed to bring good fortune to the newly married couple.

Katie Sweep is available to attend your wedding , extra good luck and a great photo opportunity